My 2018 Travel Goals

2018 will be a year of change. Sure, a lot changes EVERY year (2016, anyone?), but 2018 will be a year of plenty of forced changes.

I'm graduating from university, for one. 

On May 12, 2018, I'm graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in English and a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience (two degrees for the price of one? heck yeah) and will be forced out into the world as an adult without any plans. Well, of course, I have plans, but nothing like the rigidity of the American education system that has a strict timeline I must conform to.

So what does 2018 have in store for me, travel-wise? 

I have big, big plans, but there is so much up in the air right now. Possibly none of the following can happen, or everything could happen and more! Come what may, I'm going to try to see as much of the world as I can.

Here are my ambitious 2018 travel goals.

Appalachian Trail

My friend and I want to do a few weeks on the trail after we graduate in May. She's done a 2 week AT hiking trip before and I've never even camped outdoors overnight. But if Cheryl Strayed can do it, I can too, right? If I had it I can just go home with no harm done and if I love it I can carry on for 3-5 weeks. This will be our big graduation hoorah without spending too much money. 

Get a traveling job or internship

I'm applying for a few short-term internships and jobs that start right after graduation. If I get any of them (which honestly the chances are low, but I'm still trying) I could end up in a European capital for a month, Washington DC for the summer, or 20+ American states for a year. Fingers crossed I get one of them because they'd be great resume builders while also letting me see different parts of the country and world.

The Baltics

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. I flew from Glasgow into Palanga, Lithuania, a cute seaside town as the very first stop of my eastern European summer trip in 2017. Because I was in such a hurry to see Poland and Ukraine, I didn't even stop in the capital, Vilnius, much less go up north to Latvia and Estonia.  Almost everyone I talk to tell me about how cool the capitals of these three countries are (and the surrounding areas, of course) so I'd love to see them for myself.

sunset over the High Tatras on the way back from a hike
Eastern Europe and The Balkans

They overlap a bit so I'm including them in the same section. Romania and Bulgaria were on my original 2017 summer travel list, but that was before I got so incredibly burnt out and hid in the Slovak mountains for a month (I should post about that at some point, probably). I met so many people who were doing months solely focused on the Balkans and they were having the time of their lives. There's a lot of hitchhiking in that area, which I really need to get used to. 

The countries I was to visit most: Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia and to go back to Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina since I spent so little time there. 

It's an ambitious plan for the year, but 2017 was pretty big, too! 

I visited 18 countries in 2017, 16 of them for the first time, so I'm sure I can visit a few more in 2018!

What are your travel plans for the year ahead?


  1. I love the Balkans! I want to do the Baltics next, I feel like it's a big chunk of Europe which I just haven't seen yet! Bring on 2018 travel :)

  2. Big year ahead! I love the potential. 18 Countries last year?! Well done!

  3. I’m trying to figure out 2018 plans right now. It sounds like you have some great options ahead of you! My friend worked for Media Plus Consulting for several years after graduating. Great experience and lots of travel... keep your options open! :) cheers to graduating!

  4. Ooooh doing the AT without any backpacking experience? Go girl! I hope you do it and end up loving it - it's been something on my list for a while, but its been years since I backpacked/camped properly so I'm a bit scared. That's super inspiring! Best of luck with your internship applications, I'm sure you're a wanted commodity with that double degree in tow!

  5. An exciting year to come!!

  6. WOAH! Good for you! If you did all that last year, I am sure you can do just as much this year. I hope you get an internship because 1) like you said, looks great on a resume and 2) forces you to see new places. Good luck with everything!

    For me: Hawaii is planned sometime this year, never been so I'm excited. Vegas in February, been there a million times.. LOVE IT and then in May our annual bowling trip with friends. I think we are doing the Dominican again!

  7. What an interesting year 2018 will be!

  8. I love the Balkans so much, though I've only been to Croatia and Montenegro so far, but I have Slovenia at the top of my list! I also really want to visit Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria too!
    xo April | April Everyday


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