my intense winter break French study plan

65 days ago (according to my Duolingo streak) I started learning French. I was tired of being monolingual and knew I needed to commit to one language instead of bouncing between many whenever I get bored.

So I downloaded Duolingo, started using other apps, began listening to French music, and bought basic grammar books.

I have one semester left as a college student and decided to take French 200, which entails:
This course focuses on practical work in the four basic skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) of foreign language competency. It will review and build on students' prior knowledge with the goal of developing their functional and communicative abilities. Readings, videos and other media will broaden students' knowledge of French and Francophone cultures and strengthen their command of the language. 
I can learn French grammar and vocab on my own, but I'm struggling most with the communication part. Forming my own sentences. Listening to others. Expressing myself. Which is why I really want to take a class!

It's recommended to have 2 semesters of French under your belt before taking this course, but I don't have time for that. (I also took a 200-level Latin course after 3 years of not taking Latin and got an A, so I'm sure I can scrape by in French.) I plan to immerse myself in 3 weeks of intense French studying so I don't completely drown next semester.

This is what I'm going to do to prepare myself:

Daily Goals:

  1. 1 practice Duolingo lesson
  2. 1 new Duolingo lesson
  3. 100 flashcards on Lingvist (takes about 15 minutes)
  4. 1 Coffee Break podcast (about 30-minute lessons)
  5. 1 Youtube video of a French speaker (with English subtitles, obviously)
  6. 20 minutes listening to French songs 
  7. translate & understand 1 French song
  8. watch an episode of a French TV show or 30 minutes of a movie
  9. 25 minutes studying my grammar book
  10. talk with my French-speaking friends! (thankfully I have a lot of bilingual friends that are very excited I'm trying to learn a new language)
All in all, it's about 2.5 hours of French studying a day with is A LOT and I don't expect myself to complete everything every day, especially after I get my wisdom teeth out on the 27th (!!!!). The main goal is to learn a little bit every day. Language learning is all about repetition! 

On an ideal day, I'll complete all ten of those tasks. At a bare minimum, even on my worst days (aka high on opioids post-wisdom teeth surgery), I aim to do at least 4 from above. 

Reminder: it's okay to get frustrated while learning a new language, as long as you do not stop!


Do you have any language learning advice? Share below!

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