help me what do I do with my life

sunset over University of Glasgow, Scotland, on one of my last nights there
I don't know what to do with my life, which is expected because I'm 22 years old and about to graduate college in May. I know I'm not special; most people don't know what to do at this point in their lives and that's a-okay.

But I'm me and I like having plans!

I have two options, really (I know I have unlimited options because I'm young but I'm trying to narrow them down so I can actually decide on something okay!!!). Either apply to EPIK (a teaching English program) now and go to South Korea in August 2018 or chill for a few months after graduation, go back to Europe for a bit, then come back to the US and apply for teaching abroad then. I'm leaning towards the later plan, but once I come back to the US to get my TEFL certification I'll have to be in the US for EIGHT MONTHS as I'm applying. That's such a long time! And it's not that I hate the US, I love my country so much, but there's just so much of the world to see! The thought of spending another 8 months in my hometown makes my skin crawl. I've lived in the same house as far as my memory goes back (we moved here when I was 3), and I just need to GET OUT.

So do I apply to teach in South Korea now, and miss out on my trip to Europe at the end of 2018?

And then what am I supposed to do after THAT? I have vague ideas in my head of getting a nursing degree so I can be a traveling nurse, and I'm also interested in public (mainly women's) health. Do I join the Peace Corps? Do I become a nurse and try to work with Doctors Without Borders? Do I get a masters in reproductive health and work in the ~industry~?  Do I try my luck and apply to every single fully-funded MFA for Creative Nonfiction in America? WHAT? DO? I? DO?

If you're older and wiser than me, please leave advice below or link me to older and wiser people that have all the advice. 

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