Consume This #6

Consume This is my monthly curated list of interesting links for you to read, watch, and listen.  If you come across something you think I’ll like, tweet at me.


why are nannies never included on social media

a mom writes about her daughter and the teen makes comments within the text

women's health care and Star Wars

to begin is to break your own heart

the best books to become a better writer

why are all rom-com protagonists journalists and why do they suck

you've probably read this already but here you go: Cat Person

related: when saying 'yes' is easier than saying 'no'

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

W A T C H I N G  &  L I S T E N I N G 

a skit on how annoying study abroad kids are

has reading become competitive? (really enjoying Ariel Bisset's conversational videos)

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  1. So many questions about the nanny thing. I feel like most of it is motivated by people who want everyone else to think they do it all. Am I a cynic? (Probably.) And omg study abroad kids (I mean... was one, and they annoyed me then)... I didn't realize how crazy they drove me until we were in Cinque Terre in April 2016. So loud. So annoying. lol


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