22 things I need to stop doing

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A week ago I turned 22, but in order to solidify my new age, I must write about it. A lot of people do the "22, 25, 30, etc. things I've learned" posts to celebrate their birthdays, but honestly, I feel too young for that.  Sure, I definitely learned a lot while living 8 months abroad, but I also realize I still have a lot of learning left to do. I need to let my lessons sit and marinate for awhile before I put them in a definitive list for the entire internet to see. (Lol "entire internet", I sure do think highly of myself.)

So here are 22 things I need to STOP doing in order to become a full-fledged adult. It's a lot easier to point out my bad habits than to correct them, but this post is at least one step in the right direction.

  1. Caring about what other people think.
  2. Texting guys I don't actually care about just because I'm bored. 
  3. Eating a whole ice cream carton in one sitting. 
  4. Using "hey I walk a lot!" as an excuse not to exercise. 
  5. Reading too many books at once. Either finish the dang book or decide not to finish it and give it to someone who will actually read it. 
  6. Eating canned soup for dinner when I have ingredients for a quick and easy meal in the pantry. 
  7. Hate-reading someone's blog.
  8. Hate-scrolling through someone's Instagram. (Don't do these things! They're not good for you!)
  9. Using "my hair is dirty" as an excuse to not go out. Just wash your hair! It's not that hard!
  10. Letting my tank get dangerously empty before I refill it. 
  11. Complaining about how bored I am while also not reaching out to anyone. 
  12. Extensively plan trips that I have no hope of taking anytime soon. It's a waste of time to plan that much detail, Victoria. 
  13. Talking myself out of things just because I get nervous. 
  14. Worry over why someone doesn't like me. It literally does not matter. 
  15. Starting a language on Duolingo and doing too much at once then burning out and quitting.
  16. Getting a caramel macchiato at Dunkin Donuts when I have a PERFECTLY GOOD Keurig and percolator at home. 
  17. Not journaling because I'm "too tired" or "nothing happened that today". Something happens everyday girl!!! Write about it!!!
  18. Chugging Dr. Pepper like type II diabetes doesn't run in the family. 
  19. Hitting snooze too many times.
  20. Thinking I will one day actually eat breakfast at the appropriate breakfast time. 
  21. Drinking coffee when I KNOW it'll give me the runs. 
  22. Pretending I ever think about anything besides One Direction and the five boys' individual careers. 
Happy birthday to me! Cheers! 

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