Consume This #3

Photo by Melinda Pack on Unsplash

Consume This is my monthly curated list of interesting links of things for you to read, watch, and listen.  If you come across something you think I’ll like, tweet at me.

R  E  A  D  I  N  G

the sisterhood of the exact same pants: a great longread on sorority culture. I don't agree with everything written but it is a good piece.
the best piece on Princess Diana on the anniversary of her death
the summer bucket list of a 35-year old woman. If she had a blog I'd read it.
I've started doing jar salads for lunch because I'm lazy but also trying to be an adult
the toxic drama of YA twitter and its quest for diversity
LuLaRoe is definitely a pyramid scheme
a reading list of campus novels (aka the best kind)
Everywhereist talks about the hypocrisy of fake feminist men
this fun post for those interested in travelling to Ukraine
the longest train ride in India and the importance of slow travel
"A man’s appetite can be hearty, but a woman with an appetite is always voracious: her hunger always overreaches, because it is not supposed to exist."
an old piece of Cheryl Strayed's that feels like a precursor to Wild
how Shania Twain made me a writer

W A T C H I N G  &  L I S T E N I N G 

top 10 films where women get revenge
tell me you love me
this intense dance routine to 'sorry not sorry'

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