Consume This #1

Hello!  I'm changing up the way I do my What I'm Reading posts!  They started out as a summary of what books I've read, then morphed into a HEY HERE'S EVERYTHING I'VE READ AND DONE AND THOUGHT ABOUT OVER THE PAST TWO WEEKS.

So I'm going to split things up and move stuff around.  On the 15th of each month I'll post a Consume This, which will be full of all the interesting links I've read in the past month.  If I have too many links for one post I'll split them up, but you can rely on a Consume This on every 15th.

Consume This is my monthly curated list of interesting links of things for you to read, watch, and listen.  If you come across something you think I'll like, tweet at me.


did Jesus have a wife? Dan Brown might have been onto something

why are books with a female protagonist automatically considered a 'beach read'

we already know that the publishing world is sexist but here's a reminder

a long article about the unattainable myth of the 'French girl'

two guys met in their fraternity and got married 10 years later

W A T C H I N G & L I S T E N I N G

Header Photo by Alisa Anton 

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