What I'm Reading: June 2017 #2

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This is my  bi-weekly series to share with you whatever I’m reading that has either interested, entertained, or angered me.  I’ll talk about the book I’m reading, articles I’ve read, blog posts I’ve liked, interesting videos, ect.  This is one of my favorite type of posts to read on other people’s blog, so I hope you will find some links you enjoy!  Want to know what else I’m reading? Be my friend on Medium and Bloglovin’ and Goodreads for more!



All of the Women I Admire are Over 30: something I WROTE is actually online!  I'm going to start including stuff I've written elsewhere here, because if you're not your own hypeman then who will be?

Also by me: How to Travel When You Have Anxiety

Writing about crushes and ex's and we-were-kinda-a-thing-but-it-didn't-work-out is always difficult.

Lorde's new album is basically a party for our messiest selves.

What if you desire too much? is a question I tackle this month on Dear Damsels.

Katie shares books that inspire travel and they all sound so fascinating.

KathmunduandBeyond has been posting so many itineraries that go through Central and Eastern Europe and they're helping with my traveling planning SO MUCH.

Personal essays should've be looked down upon as a "lesser" form of writing.

A long-read on porn which isn't weird at all and definitely needs to be discussed more.

Here's a 6,000 word guide on making it as a blogger in the Year of Our Lord 2017.


I finished Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber, and (since I haven't seen the movie) I was very happy with the ending.  It seems dark at times but DON"T WORRY it will get better.

I started Commonwealth by Anne Patchett, who I've never read before this.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that half of this book is set in Virginia, which should be obvious considering the title.  I never said I was a detective.  You can tell that Patchett is a good writer because the premise of Commonwealth sounds very plain, but it still makes me want to read on.  Also, I miss my state.

I'm finally at a hostel that has a decent selection of books, so I swapped out two of mine for The Martian and The Sisters Brothers.  I love finding books that are already on my to-read list.


The music video for the "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" from the Hamilton Mixtape came out recently.  Another reminder that America would be nothing without immigrants.


I honestly love every single song on Lorde's new album, but nothing comes close to that emotional pulling-at-my-gut feeling I get when I listen to this one.


I'm in the Slovakian mountains right now (was not in the plan, a post will be coming soon) and wow I really needed to be around nature.  I've been doing cities for the past month straight.  It seems like one month might be my city-limit before I go a lil crazy.  This place is beautiful and if it weren't for meeting my friend in Budapest I'd probably stay a good week or so.


Now's not the time for dick measuring, Stuart!
-Liam Neeson, the best line from Taken

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