What I'm Reading: May 2017 #2



I finished The Trespassers by Tana French.  It was good by any other standard, but I just know that French is capable of so much more.  Definitely read it because even on her worst day she's better than most other writers, but I'm hoping she'll bring her A-game for the next book.


Glennon Doyle Melton talks about her rules for posting online

Why does society encourage women to be silent about their miscarriages 

The popularity of surgeons-turned-writers (I've so far only read one, but this article makes me want to read them all)

6 Literary Travel Guides

How to Explain Trump While Traveling Abroad

I'm going to forward this article to every woman I know, including my own inbox: 10 signs you're fooling yourself into thinking he actually cares. Read this the next time you have a crush on someone.

Probably the best discussion of the viral "My Family's Slave" article

Why doesn't ancient fiction talk about feelings? (And why does modern fiction have so many feelings?)

Child marriages in America are still a thing, and they're used to protect rapists


I need to watch this video on repeat every single day.  "You're only job is to build yourself." (!!!!!!)


70's and 80's rock.  Harry Styles' debut album made me realize how much I love rock and how I don't listen to enough of it.  I think I made my dad's day when I messaged him asking for 70's rock recommendations.  Listen to: Harry's album (duh), British rock, and Led Zeppelin.


By the time this is posted I'll be in POLAND!  Me!  Little Victoria from Virginia will be on a 2.5 month jaunt around eastern Europe!!!!

Strangely enough, I'm not terribly excited.  But that's also something I do: when I get stressed or something big is coming up my emotions shut down and I go into "just get the necessary things done mode".


The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.
Oscar Wilde

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