On the Road Update: London, Pairs, Barcelona

Hello friends!  I am currently writing this from my friend's dorm in Barcelona.  I'm so lucky to have friends studying abroad in different countries because 1) it saves me money and 2) I'm going to places I normally wouldn't go.  The plan was to spend my spring break in Ireland, but right now is the perfect time for me to visit Spain which I never would've done if it weren't for my friend here.  And since I'm already in Barcelona, I might as well visit other Spanish cities and boop over to Portugal, right?
I'll write up a detailed itinerary once I get home, but for now, I'll just give you a little update.

I spent 4 days in London, on another friend's air mattress (God bless kind people), and mainly went to museums because they're free.  I also saw the Cursed Child play.  Shoutout to myself for buying tickets 18 months in advance.

Then I did 4 days in Paris and oh my god now I understand why so many people are Francophiles (which is a term that also fits for lovers of James and Dave Franco).  Paris was absolutely beautiful and if I didn't have my time in Spain already planned/it wasn't so expensive I definitely would have stayed there my entire spring break.

I arrived in Barcelona yesterday and it is so nice being by the water again.  It's also a lot more chill here, so I can catch up with online stuff like this.  Also Harry Styles' first solo single just came out, so if you see me with headphones in then 11 times out of 10 I'll be listening to that.

I have everyone is doing well!  Update me on y'all's lives in the comments!

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