What I'm Reading: March 2017 #1

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I've read more of The Radium Girls, but it's taking me awhile.  It's definitely going to be the book that I only read when I'm on public transportation for awhile.

I started and finished Shrill by Lindy West.  I can't wait for my little cousin to hit the teenage years so I can pass this book onto her.  This is the type of book I wish I had when I was younger.

I'm almost finished with Difficult Women. It's enjoyable and interesting to read but I don't think short stories are my thing.  I just need more time to connect with the characters, ya know?

ALL of Jane Austen's books can be found as audiobooks on podcasts.  (For iPhones at least, I'm not knowledgeable about the podcasting app on other phones.)  I've downloaded the chapters of Persuasion so I have something to listen to on public transport when it's too loud to read my Kindle. For some reason the Persuasion podcast only starts at chapter 4, but that's alright since I had to read the first 5 chapters for a class last semester.  When I get back to the States and have a car I'm DEFINITELY going to try harder to get into audiobooks (free audio CDs from the library of course, which is why the car is necessary), because I really want to utilize my time to consume as many books as possible.

There are so many books to read I'm stressed out!!!


We'll never have gender equality unless we're equal at home.

34 books by women of color that are coming out this year. I added so many to my Goodreads.

Successful women need to be selfish.

A very thorough profile on Roxane Gay.  I want a career as prolific as hers.

For all you Harry Potter fans: an old fan forum explains why Dumbledore is just a time travelling Ron Weasley.  God, I miss the days of intense fan forums.

Gloria Steinem talks on chick flicks and how "the person with the power takes the noun — and the norm — while the less powerful requires an adjective".

How hippie culture of new and old is basically just white middle-class people pretending to be poor. "And as they begged for money and frequented free clinics, these children of the suburbs siphoned resources away from the urban locals who needed them most."


I don't wholly agree with it, but this review of Ed Sheeran's new album is pretty cool (she rated it 2.8/10)

Colton Haynes (who recently got engaged!!!!) writes about his mental health and how things really DO get better with time. Remember, things might suck now but they won't suck always.


Rhiannon from Wales to Wherever wrote a very tasteful and respectful post about visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp.  I will hopefully be able to visit this summer, and I feel like this post has helped me prepare myself for it.  As prepared as you can be for something like that.


Everyone and their grandma has seen this video by now.  It's both hilarious and accurate.


Same old, same old.  I'm trying to figure out plans for spring break.  I know I'm definitely going to London at the end of March, then meeting my friends in Paris, and then meeting my friends who's studying abroad in Barcelona.  I was supposed to meet my flatmates in Rome after that, but it's kinda difficult to get from Barcelona to Rome in the time frame they'll be there.  So I might just do Spain and Portugal, because it's cheaper.  I just have to do something that occupies my time because I'm supposed to meet my other friend in London at the end of April.


Hey, Leslie.  It's Leslie.  Hang in there.  I love you.  Bye.
-Leslie Knope to herself

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