things that make me miss home

Let's get one thing sorted first: I am not terribly homesick.  I'm not crying everyday because I miss my family, I don't really miss my town or university all that much.  It's not like I experienced extreme culture shock; I'm in Scotland for crying out loud.  I just wanted to add this disclaimer in case my family members ever read this post (which at time of posting they won't since they don't know about this blog) so they don't get worried about me.  I'm fine, fam.  I miss you sometimes.

1. Ranch dressing and good coffee

Ranch is nowhere to be found in Scotland.  Believe me, I've asked many confused restaurant owners.  I'm getting real tired of dipping my fries in ketchup.  (First world problems.)

Also, all the coffee at groceries stores is instant.  INSTANT COFFEE.  That is blasphemous and I never want to see it again.  I'll be broke in no time if I have to go to a cafe and buy coffee every time I need to get my fix.

2. Missing my little cousin's sport games

I love love love love going to basketball games, soccer games, and dance recitals.  There's nothing more fun than hanging out with my family members and screaming at ten year olds to just SHOOT THE DAMN BALL.  JUST SHOOT.

My cousins are also going to be really, really tall when I get back home and I'm not prepared for that.

3. Meals at grandma's house

Eating with my family at my grandparent's house is probably one of my favorite activities in the world.  For some reason my mom likes to message me every time they go over to my grandma's to eat.  I would kill for anything that isn't a frozen meal right now.

4. Seeing dogs

Scotland is a beautiful country because dogs are EVERYWHERE.  They're all very well-behaved and always happy.  But this is also a bad thing, because seeing a dog just makes me think of my own dog.  I miss my (old) puppy!!!

5. Hearing Southern accents

Ok so I haven't actually heard anyone here with a Southern accent, but sometimes I'll hear one on TV or in country music.  I haven't met any international students that are from south of Virginia, so it's strange being the most southern person I know.

6. Seeing my sorority sisters posting on Facebook

I'm having extreme FOMO right now.  I love my sorority sisters and A LOT can happen in one semester.  By the time I get back home I'll have over 35 new sisters that I've never met!  Which is exciting, but I wish I could meet them a whole lot sooner.

I'm having a great time in Glasgow, even though I do miss home at certain moments.

What makes you homesick?

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