Glasgow Week 7: Mountains and Lochs

Wow! I think this is the first time I've gone a whole week in between posting.  I do have two posts that I'll publish soon though: one is a book review of sorts, the other is a story of how I swear I almost died hiking last Friday.

So, what did I do this week?

Wednesday was spent sleeping, but I deserved it that day.  Thursday I went to the Necropolis again, but it was pretty rainy, so it was basically just my friend and me in the entire graveyard.  We also went to the Glasgow Cathedral right beside it.  This was my first time going there without wearing a hat or beanie that I had to take off inside and reveal my messy hair.

Fun tip about the Cathedral: if you go to the lower level in the back, there's a prayer request box where you can write your request (anonymously) and have the bishops pray for you.  (Bishops?  Ministers?  I'm not sure what they're referred to here.)  I'm flummoxed about where I stand religiously (aren't we all?), but it is nice to know that someone is praying over me.

Friday was hiking, which I'll spare the details for my longer post.  Let's just say that it's currently Wednesday and my legs are still vaguely sore.  It was hard to walk Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and even rough going downhill on Tuesday.

Saturday was fun even though I could barely walk.  My group went to Stirling Castle, which I recommend that you pass if you have limited time in Scotland.  It's very updated, so it doesn't even feel like an old castle.  What's the point of visiting a castle if it's not old?  Ja feel.

We then went to lunch in some random town and then to Loch Lomond.  We went to the top of the hill next to the loch (hello legs it's pain time).  If you want good pictures you don't have to go on the hill; just go to the little beach around the bend, and you'll have a beautiful view.

After that, we went to a distillery, whose ticket I lost so I can't recall the name.  (Which is weird, since I swear I held onto it, so hopefully I'll find it soon.)  I like the idea of whisky making, the culture is cool, but as a drink, I'll give it a pass.  I'd rather have a Dr. Pepper.

On Sunday I just watched a lot of Brooklyn 99 (see a trend?) and edited my paper.  I think I'm going try to get ahead on all my papers so I have more time during my spring break to travel.  Figuring out travel plans is stressful!!!  I still have no idea how I'm going to get my luggage home in order to go to eastern Europe for two months.  It's looking like none of my family can visit me and shipping luggage is WAY too expensive.

How has your week been? Any advice on how to get my luggage home?

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