Arrival in Glasgow

I've been awake for a total of 31 hours and counting, and that's not even counting the time change.  That 31 hours has included two flights, walking through Glasgow trying to find a place that sells sheets, and socializing with a lot of people that I barely know or just met today.

I've gotten to the point of exhaustion to where my face feels like a live wire.

I have unpacked but have not actually put anything away, which means the floor of my tiny room is covered with things.

In order to keep myself from falling asleep at 4pm, a friend and I walked through Kelvingrove Park and up to the university to try and start getting our bearings.  The gate off of University Ave was open so we just walked in.

the Cloisters are still in the holiday spirit
Glasgow is so eerie at night, but in the best way
I can't wait to see this view in the daytime
I still can't believe that I'm here.  I've been thinking about studying in Glasgow for almost exactly two years and I am finally here.  I know I'll have not-so-good days in the future, but I'll just have to remind myself how lucky I am to be here.

Header Photo by Ivan Dimitroff on Unsplash

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